Tiger Authentication

Differentiating TIROST From TAC

The International Registry Of Sunbeam Tigers (TIROST) is the personal property of Norman C. Miller and solely under his governance. His records, compiled throughout the past quarter century, are a marriage of factory and owner supplied details representing an unequaled marque resource. STOA's TAC Database is a completely separate collection of information, controlled exclusively by TAC. This growing archive of authenticated Tigers differs from TIROST in that every entry represents a verified vehicle. While TAC inspection procedures do not rely on information from TIROST listings, comparing observed transmission and differential numbers against TIROST entries has resurrected correct VIN and JAL data for Tigers with missing ID elements in several instances. TIROST also serves as a parallel archive of authenticated vehicles and is supplied with up to date TAC information as the program progresses.

Additional information can be found at Norm Miller's Rootes Group Depot website.

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